The stove is one of the most used things in the kitchen. This appliance can be used to cook and heat food in many different ways. Since it’s made to cook, it has a lot of different uses and can get as hot as infrared or stainless steel ovens. The most popular stove brands are Thermador and Viking. What are some other kitchen appliances that people often use?

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It is hard to pick one type of appliance to represent an entire era of technology. This is clear when you look at the kitchen appliances that were made when electricity came along.

During that time, appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher, electric can opener, and blender were made for the first time. The list would never end because each new technology would replace the one before it. For example, washing machines would replace dishwashers, dryers would replace laundry bags or wringer washers, etc. (I hope I haven’t lost you yet). Ovens and microwaves have replaced the stove top and range hood as the most common kitchen appliances. But food processors are still on the list of things that haven’t reached that point yet.

With advances in technology and robotics, it’s not surprising that appliances now come with more features and weigh less.

Pressure cookers are becoming an important part of modern kitchens.

Slow cookers: too many people are going one step further and getting these pots because the food tastes good.

-Ovens are great for home parties or making food that looks like it came from a restaurant.

-Cooker hoods: These fans create a cool breeze over the stove so that smoke doesn’t get in your face. Some models can also be moved around, so they can be used inside when necessary.

-Rice cooker/slow cooker combo: With these rice cookers, you can invite your significant other to your most recent game night or picnic. Instead of just plain boiled rice, they make the rice taste earthy with all of its flavors.

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